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Product FAQ

Have a question about our products? Find the answer here.

Dot Free MP3 WMA OGG Converter

FAQ 01: How do I convert more than one file at a time?

FAQ 02: I want to know how can I modify the setting of the output files, such as the size or the resolution, etc.?

FAQ 03: How can I get MP3 files transferred to PSP?

FAQ 04: While attempting to convert a WMA file to WAV or MP3, the converter does not seem to be responding. What could be the problem?

FAQ 05: How much is it?

Dot CyberPower Audio Editing Lab

FAQ 01: Which formats can I use to edit?

FAQ 02: How can I convert Cassette tapes or Vinyl to a Digital format?

FAQ 03: Can I remove the voice from a sound track, completely?

FAQ 04: How long can CyberPower Audio Editing Lab record?

FAQ 05: I am trying to use CyberPower Audio Editing Lab, but it is not working properly. What could be the problem?

Dot CyberPower Video Switch

FAQ 01: How do I convert more than one file at a time?

FAQ 02: My video file has been converted into 3GP format. But I do not think the video screen is clear enough. Can I improve it by certain settings?

FAQ 03: I noticed that your program offers 3 kinds of output video formats. As far as the quality is concerned, which one is the best, MP4, MP4 AVC or WMV?

FAQ 04: What is the maximum duration for conversion with CyberPower Video Switch?

FAQ 05: How to transfer MP4 files to my iPod?

Dot CyberPower Disc Creator

FAQ 01: Why did I fail to extract and encode MP3 from Audio CD?

FAQ 02: The ripped MP3 files play at wrong speed and/or shows wrong length. What's wrong?

FAQ 03: Why do I have to register with the CDDB in order to retrieve track information for CD conversions?

FAQ 04: What's the difference between CDDB and CD-Text?

FAQ 05: Can all CD-ROM drives convert CD to WAV, MP3, or WMA?

Dot Audio Extractor for Free

FAQ 01: Where are the other settings like Frame Rate and Sample Rate?

FAQ 02: How to avoid the short breaks during the output audio playback?

FAQ 03: What is the maximum duration for extraction with Audio Extractor for Free?

FAQ 04: I just want a sound clip/segment of my video. Is it possible?

FAQ 05: How can I get MP3 files transferred to PSP?

Dot Audio Convert Merge Free

FAQ 01: How do I input more than one file at a time?

FAQ 02: Can I input audio files of different formats without turning them into a certain format?

FAQ 03: How do I change the file order after I add them to the joiner?

FAQ 04: What is the maximum duration for joining with Audio Convert Merge Free?

FAQ 05: What if I want to convert audio files instead of joining them?

Customer FAQ

How can I get a complete copy of the software?

I have downloaded the file and what should I do next?

Will your programs work on 64 bit computers?

Can your products be used on a Windows XP, Vista or MAC operating system?

How do I uninstall your programs from my computer?

What's the difference between the trial version and the registered version?

Do I have to pay for the upgrade and tech support?

Order FAQ

What is ESD?

What are CyberPower return and refund policies?

Is European VAT applicable to CyberPower products?



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