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Free MP3 WMA OGG Converter™

"This program meets my requirements for flexible conversion to and from MP3, WAV, WMA and even OGG."

Customers' Opinion
It provides some presets for each format that helps me get the best quality for my iPod and cell. Thus the output parameters can be set over a very wide range which is especially useful when trying to provide decent-sounding files of minimum size for web use.

Gerard Paul,

"Great audio tool!"

Customers' Opinion
I didn't need a week to try this audio converter - after a couple of uses, it was very clear that it was just what I am looking for - an easy-to-use, fast-working tool. The icing on the cake was that it's completely free.

Bustill Church,

"I would be pleased to recommend this excellent MP3 converter."

Customers' Opinion
I used Free Mp3/Wma/Ogg Converter to convert audio conferences to .wma. By doing so, I reduced the total amount of audio file storage space by 75%! AND ... I did it all within just a couple of hours! The whole conversion process only needs a few clicks!

Truslow Baker,

"With all the competition out there I believe that your mp3 converter will win."

Customers' Opinion
In my mind yours is the easiest one. The wizard mode guides the operation step by step even an 8 years old child can perform it. The interface is very clear and the buttons are well found that just by a few clicks you will get all your audio files.

James Campbell,

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CyberPower Audio Editing Lab™

" I downloaded CyberPower Audio Editing Lab and I must say this is the software I've been looking for!"

Customers' Opinion
I'm an advocate of easy software, but many of the programs I've used are either complicated or not powerful to meet my needs. CyberPower Audio Editing Lab is simple to use, yet powerful and fast! It records a direct digital copy of any audio played on my PC with no loss of quality.

Tyrone Wolseley,

"Your audio editor is absolutely fantastic."

Customers' Opinion
Your audio editor works like a champion during the editing process. Apart from the editing function, it also works like a powerful audio CD burner. Now I can listen to attractive music with my CD player freely. Absolutely a great program! Just want to give you guys a big thumb up.

Robert Soddy,

"So far, it seems like a good program."

Customers' Opinion
Found your CyberPower Audio Editing Lab with a Google search. I downloaded and tried two other products that are highly rated by Cnet and PC World Magazine, but both of them didn't work so well. I've just started working with your audio editor. So far, it seems like a good program. I can edit music files visually and apply cool audio effects. I use the edited file as my ringtone and it sounds good.

Vincent Rossetti,

"A straightforward, no-nonsense editor that does precisely what I need."

Customers' Opinion
So now I feel comfortable with the program (I'm a 60 year-old computer novice!) and look forward to learning more about it as I will continue to use it. I'll be glad to give you more feedback if you like.

Zack Prevost,

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CyberPower Video Switch™

"I'm thrilled to say that CyberPower Video Switch met and exceeded my expectations!"

Customers' Opinion
I just wanted to send a little feedback on your Video Converter. I searched for months for a program that does what this program does. I wasted a lot of time and a lot of money before I found CyberPower. I'm thrilled to say that CyberPower Video Switch met and exceeded my expectations in helping me convert videos from my flash memory camcorder so that I can edit them on my PC. No frustrating bugs or crashes.

Smithon Garcia,

"You guys have a great product!"

Customers' Opinion
Just purchased your CyberPower Video Switch and I just wanted to say you guys have a great product. It doesn't look like I'm losing any picture quality in going from Flash to WMV. Thanks for this great product & I would recommend it to anyone.

Alexis Owen,

"CyberPower Video Switch couldn't be much easier to use."

Customers' Opinion
It supports batch conversions - I've spent the last couple of weeks using it and I love it. The interface is simple, with a large status window and only a few buttons. It seems to be doing quite well comparing to other tools I've tried.

Percy Fergus,

"It is a fast, consistent and reliable program."

Customers' Opinion
I am an English as a second language (ESL) teacher and I use your video converter soft almost everyday to convert learning videos. I am so thankful to whoever created this software.

Abigail Pauline,

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CyberPower Disc Creator™

"Never have I found such a fantastic disc burner with all the features I need."

Customers' Opinion
It burns, rips and creates ISO... It does everything smoothly for me. I have not made a bad disc yet. Highly recommend!

Harold Strauss,

"CyberPower Disc Creator does not take that much time to copy the CD."

Customers' Opinion
If you go out and buy a lot of CDs, then you will find that this will save you a lot of money. It has saved me money over the last couple years. The best thing about them is that you can make your own CD with all of the best songs that you like on it.

Benny Lewis,

"The only one that would open and burn all my files was CyberPower Disc Creator."

Customers' Opinion
I searched for a CD burner that would burn all my media files to any type of disc. I downloaded over 20 CD burner programs and the only one that would open and burn all my files was CyberPower Disc Creator. It's the best and most reliable program out there. And it's cheap in price and definitely worth it.

Ian Rodney,

"Your software was easy to install and configure."

Customers' Opinion
It works quickly and efficiently, which is more than I can say about a lot of other software I've tried! I've had it for several years and I think it is one of the best out there. Thank you for helping me with my technical problem.

Arnold Warren,

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Audio Extractor For Free™

"Absolutely amazed at the design and the conversion speed!"

Customers' Opinion
I downloaded Audio Extractor For FREE about two months ago and I am absolutely amazed at the design and the conversion speed. It extracts sounds from video files within just few seconds and there is no quality loss.

Ashton Dillon,

"Gotta say that your audio extractor is powerful yet easy to use."

Customers' Opinion
I have been trying for a long time to convert WMA files to FLAC files. Finally I stumbled upon your site and it works magic (although it is free).

Simon Roderick,

"I recommend this program to everyone - especially to a musician who is on a budget like me."

Customers' Opinion
This is one of the best programs that I have ever used. It is just like pro tools but better, free and easier. It allows me to extract beautiful music from movies with blazing speed.

Dulcie Mill,

"So surprised that it supports numerous video formats!"

Customers' Opinion
I recently found Audio Extractor For FREE and have been having so much fun! I am so surprised that it supports numerous video formats. It is ideal for me as I always download videos of tons of formats. It is powerful but free.

Nathan Wallis,

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Audio Convert Merge Free™

"Not only does it convert my music, it has many other handy uses."

Customers' Opinion
I just want to let you know how pleased I am with your Audio Convert Merge Free! Not only does it convert my music, it has many other handy uses. Yesterday I downloaded some Separated audio book files from a bbs and I just easily joined them with your tool! Also I can do some resampling work to replace the audio in my PC games with whatever sound I want.

Clive Duncan,

"The quality is really satisfying."

Customers' Opinion
I downloaded Audio Convert Merge Free about a month ago and gotta say this is a program everyone can use. The joining is smooth and I can't hear any weird sound in the joint. The quality is really satisfying. Just click some buttons to get music converted & joined - I love it!

Peter Raphael,

"If you work with audio files on a regular basis or are simply a music enthusiast needing to change your song formats, it is your best option."

Customers' Opinion
Audio Convert Merge Free's attractive and sleek interface, coupled with its brilliant functionality, makes it one of the best free audio converters currently available on the web.

Douglas Hall,

"Who doesn't like good stuff for free?"

Customers' Opinion
I have quite a bit of music on my computer of various formats that I would like to convert to a standard format. I would like to get all of it into a usable state so that I can listen to it in my car. My iPod currently has a dead hard drive and I will be using my old MP3 player until I can get a new hard drive. I downloaded Audio Convert Merge Free which has to be the simplest bit of software ever produced!

Arnold Warren,

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